24 Hour Emergency Response to Flood Damage

Flood Restoration

You might not realise that The Carpet Doctor can also help with flood restoration work as part of our other company The Flood Doctor. Click any of the pictures for a bigger image.

Flood Water Removal

We specialise in removing flood water from many types of surface including carpets, tiles and wood flooring. Our specialist pumps can remove any surface water that may have collected in pools inside your building – and its fast too – with our pumps being capable of removing up to 9000 gallons of liquid per hour from both internal and external surfaces!

Drying Out / Dehumidification

Our range of dehumidifiers will then quickly and quietly dry your building whilst removing the smell of damp at the same time. Just in case its needed, we use specialist damp meters to target the worst affected areas to ensure that they are properly dried. Finally, we use deodorisers and disinfectants to kill whatever germs might be leftover from the flood damage and leave the building smelling fresh and back to normal in no time!

Dehumidifier Rentals

Depending on the extent of flooding, or machines may need to be left in situ for between 1-2 weeks. If this is the case, we will show you how to use the machines and come back to collect them once they have served their purpose. Even with our dehumidifier rentals service, we will first remove any standing pools of water with our specialist water pumps.

When might you need our services?

You might need our service under any of the following circumstances: –

Burst Pipes – Water pipes may burst in winter when the water inside the pipe freezes and expands. If your water pipes burst, flooding may follow and that is when The Flood Doctor can assist by removing pools of water from the floor and deploying dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.

Flash Flooding – Flash floods happen from time to time and when they do, your home or commercial premises may be flooded.

Heavy Rain – Period of heavy rainfall may lead to your home or office being flooded with water.

Roof and Guttering Problems – Problems with your roof or guttering can lead water to enter your building and flood one or more rooms.

Kitchen Malfunctions – Kitchen malfunctions such as a washing machine or dishwasher breaking down may lead to flooding.

Bathroom Malfunctions – Bath tubs and sinks overflowing, pipes bursting or taps failing can cause flooding.

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